Producing Our VOice NYC


It all started when...

IIINO was approached by one of his mentors, DJZeke, about a non-profit project to help the city. IIINO is not a native of NewYork, but believed he making a difference in any community is a step forward not just for him, but "for the world." 

Julia Rachiele, the founder of the project, led an ambitious team of strangers from various cultures to come together and build an anthem for Newyork City. With the concept of making the youth of NYC heard, she set out to find a small group of people willing to help her achieve her vision.

IIINO not only produced the instrumental, he decided to dedicate his professional skills and experience, time and energy co-writing the song, recording all the vocalists and rappers, engineering the sessions, mixing and mastering the final product. 

 With IIINO at the helm, the final team of artists included: Gladyn Innocent (Poet), Leesy (Lyricist), Alyssa (Singer), Sessi (SInger) Isa Marina (SInger), Civil (Rapper), Ariel Siso (Guitar), and Lanky Almighty (Rapper). 

The project blazes on today on a mission to bring more voices and continue to spread the word!


Check Out The Track Below!